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Prappers Media Group - Strategy, Influencers, video production

Our services

Prappers brings businesses and brands of all sizes to TikTok. We help you define your goals, create amazing concepts and produce the best videos that fit your brand. 

Our four main services:
TikTok Strategy – TikTok Video Production
TikTok Influencers – TikTok Media Buying

Responsive Design

Prappers works for major brands, governments and artists. We are totally focussed on TikTok, Prappers is the TikTok agency: we know what works best on TikTok AND how to allign it with your marketing roadmap and other channels.
We help you define:
– TikTok Strategy
– TikTok Concept
– Content planning
– Budget, KPI’s, Timeline,
– Organic vs Paid
– Analyze, optimize, report 

Responsive Design

Prappers is the biggest TikTok influencer agency in The Netherlands. We represent exclusively the biggest and most famous TikTok creators to help your brand, business, app or artist grow and create powerfull impact within your target audience.
We help you with:
– Creator selection
– Creator strategy
– Creator budget
– Creator concept
– Creator KPI’s

Responsive Design

Prappers is the TikTok agency and knows how to create amazing content on TikTok. Our creators, producers and directors know how to create videos that convert. Get the engagement: views, likes, comments, shares, clicks, leads and sales.
We help you with:
– Format or Campaign
– Concept
– Trends
– Production (studio or on location)
– Post production
– Music selection
– Hashtags, copy/captions
– TikTok live feed production
– Channel management
– Channel verification

Responsive Design

Prappers is as the leading TikTok agency in The Netherlands a prefered partner of TikTok for business allowing us to offer you an exclusive range of advertising possibilities on the platform.
We help you with:
– Media buying on CPM
– Media buying on CPC/CPI
– Paid strategy
– In-feed video
– Top view video
– Boosted TikToks
– Sponsored hashtag

TikTok Influencers

Prappers is the biggest TikTok influencer agency in The Netherlands (200+ creators), with strong exclusive partnerships in other European countries. We represent the biggest influencers on the platform to connect your brand to TikTok creators

Our creative directors, marketeers and strategist bring in the knowledge to create marketing impact, tell the story and deliver the message. We know how to use the right hashtag, trending music, current trends, descriptions or branded Sounds. We offer impact with the best creators and localized knowledge 

TikTok Advertising

Prappers Media Group is official ad partner of TikTok. There are numerous of opportunities available for all budgets to reach your target audience. On CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI or CPS.

Targetting with TikTok ads is possible on language, location, gender, age, interest and behaviour, We use data to create success.

Prappers Media Group now enables you to gain even more exposure and reach with our boost function. You can choose this option to ensure visibility and reach with creator content.

TikTok Channels

Building your own TikTok channel helps you to connect to your audience.

We help you with defining your message, story, production and strategy.
We know when to post and what to post to reach your goals. We create the best strategy, develop the right format and/or connect you to creators that fit you and your target audience.


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