TikTok agency The Netherlands

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TikTok agency The Netherlands

7 October 2021 Tiktok 0

Prappers is the largest TikTok agency in the Netherlands. We work for well-known brands, artists and the government. Prappers helps companies to become active on TikTok. Our services: Strategy, Concept, Influencers, Production and Media Buying.

We tell stories, develop campaigns, produce video ads, match TikTok influencers to brands and brands to TikTok influencers. Prappers provides awareness, branding, reach, activation and conversions. We are Prappers Media Group. Based in Amsterdam, globally active.

Started in 2016 as a mobile-first marketing agency and has grown into THE NUMBER 1 TikTok AGENCY. With our own production department, influencer agency and media buying team, we are in a unique position to produce the best videos for your brand. With over 200 TikTok creators signed, Prappers is the largest TikTok influencer agency in the Netherlands. We have the most famous influencers for every target group and in every vertical: Food, Fashion, Beauty, Family, Kids, Sports, Dance, Music etc.

Prappers has developed TikTok campaigns for: Pets Place, SPAR, Netflix, Zalando, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, VVD, Ajax, Durex, Coolcat, Cruijff, Deliveroo, LOI and Disney to name a few.

We know how the TikTok algorithm works, we know the trends, the sounds, music and hashtags to become and stay successful.

Find out now about the possibilities. Call our office in Amsterdam 020 – 893 2400 , email: hello@prappers.com OR visit our homepage PRAPPERS.com for more information

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