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We are Prappers, the leading TikTok agency producing videos for major brands like Rabobank, SPAR, Ravensburger, Rimmel, SNS Bank, Intersport, Pets Place, Zalando, Sony Music and Dutch Government.

Our TikTok services: Strategy, influencers, video productions

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Prappers is trusted by major brands

















TikTok Strategy & Concept

Founder of Prappers, Joey Scheufler is the most experienced TikTok expert in The Netherlands. As member of the Reclame Code Commissie, Joey knows all rules and regulations.

With his seasoned team he will help you define your TikTok strategy and bring you the best TikTok video concepts to reach your goals: views, engagement or conversions. We know the trends and the algoritm.

TikTok Influencers

Prappers in-house influencer agency is the largest in The Netherlands with 200+ TikTokkers connected. We connect brands to creators and creators to brands. Looking for macro TikTokkers or micro influencers within your niche? On your own brand TikTok channel or on the channel of the influencers? We have them all.

TikTok video productions

Prappers is the expert in TikTok video productions. The key to succes on TikTok is a good video and that is exactly what Prappers creates for you. A single campaign video, always on, or custom frequency? We do it all. Our formats bring impact to your target audience. Trends, challenges, UGC, quizes, real life, comedy, soap opera or cooking show? We have done it all! That’s why we are The TikTok Agency

Let’s TikTok

Prappers is trusted by major brands because we don’t just create content, we produce for impact. On your own TikTok brand channel, a new channel, in an advertisment or on the channels of influencers. All is possible with or without influencers.

Most important: we create fantastic videos. Prappers is the expert in producing high performing TikTok videos for brands and businesses.

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TikTok Formats & Custom shows

The key to succes on TikTok is a good video and that is exactly what Prappers creates for you. A single campaign video, always on, or custom frequency? We do it all. Our formats bring impact to your target audience. Trends, challenges, UGC, quizes, real life, comedy, soap opera, cooking or talkshow? We have done it all! That’s why we are The TikTok Agency


TikTok Sitcom

Paalstraat 69 is an unique sitcom we developed in-house. It is the first ever profesionaly produced comedy series for TikTok. Staring well known Dutch comedy actors Patrick Stoof, Rian Gerritsten, Britt Scholte and Eliyha Altena. Combined with new upcoming social stars Mila Muijson and Stijn de Vries.

Together with EDC Retail/Easytoys the series makes taboo topics accesable for a broad audience. Due to our amazing analyzing and optimizing team, which works closely to the production and post-production teams, we are able to create high performing content at scale. 

The series is aired 4 times a week and reached 10 million organic views within the first 6 weeks. Right into the target audience 70% female and 70% between 18-24 years.

TikTok Soap opera

‘ Morgen voor jou’ is the world’s first ever daily soap on TikTok. Targetting the group 24-35 it reached 6 million views within the first week. For this series we combined the traditional soap appraoch and story lines with the flexibility of TikTok. Also with the actors we casted well known actors Kasper van Kooten (All Stars), Christine van Stralen (dunya & Desie), Veerle Peters (Spangas) and new talent like Alexander van Reeken, Marco Spadaro and Aretha Anpong.

The series gained huge media attention as it was covered in all main stream media, it got historic value as the first TikTok production to be in the collection of Museum Beeld en Geluid

TikTok Cooking

We lift social cooking to the next level. Cooking like you know it from TV, in the quality you love, but edited for TikTok. Real, authentic and offcourse with space for product placement and sponsoring.

TikTok is more and more used as search engine, people are looking searching for their favorite recipes, products and restaurants. With TikTok search optimization we optimize our shows and episodes to be discoverd and make them future proof for the current generation. Not only on the For You Pages but also via search cooking is hot on TikTok!

Trusted by major brands

Prappers is trusted by leading brands delivering strategies, concepts, formats, productions, influencers and media buying. As official prefered TikTok for Business partner we have access to exclusive advertising tools to grow your brand on TikTok.

Our in-house influencer agency holds the biggest and most famous names on TikTok. The combination of TikTok for Business AND TikTok for creators makes Prappers marketleader on TikTok in The Netherlands. Prappers: The TikTok Agency. Trusted by major brands, working with the largest creators on the platform.
Don’t stay trapped in old media.


Our content creation team

Our content creation team is the heart of Prappers Media Group and consist of the most popular TikTok influencers on the platform. We have fostered an environment where these established creators can flourish and grow to create impact on millions. With our in-house production department we bring vertical video to a next level!

Prappers Media Group commits to building a community of storytellers in all verticals and for any target audience. 

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Our Leadership team

Prappers is founded in 2016 as app marketing agency and grew into the number 1 TikTok agency of The Netherlands

Our production, development and client teams consist of fresh young talent combined with experienced leaders in their field. We combine the craftmanship of the ‘old’ TV world with the creativity and flexibility of the new TikTok world!

The perfect combination to reach your target audience


founder & managing director

Joey Scheufler is the TikTok Expert of The Netherlands, leveraging roughly two decades of experience producing and developing high performing mobile-first campaigns for major brands.  

Joey is a well known social media & influencer expert in the Dutch media.
Next Joey Scheufler is member of the Reclame Code Commissie (the Dutch Advertising Code Committee)


director brand partnerships

Leonie Hulstein is a seasoned director with over 15 years of experience in high-level sales and business development.

Hulstein is also a crucial part of ideation and creation of new concepts managing Prappers entire production development and influencer slate.


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    Joey Scheufler, founder van Prappers, is regelmatig te gast in de Nederlandse landelijke media. Als de TikTok expert van Nederland, Lid van de Reclame Code Commissie, Lid van de Commissie Influencer Marketing (DDMA) weet hij alles van Social Media Trends, Influencers, Social Media Marketing en de bijbehorende reclame regels.