What is the secret to rank number 1 on voice search

What is the secret to rank number 1 on voice search

When a user asks the Google Assistant a question the device reads back a single, definitive answer to the query. The main question for marketeers is; why is the Google Assistant answering what it is answering and where does that information is coming from. Research shows that in almost 40% of the queries the assistant gets the answer from a featured snippet; the answer box at the top of the search engine results page. To quickest way to be the single result for a voice search, your content has to be the featured snippet result.

The algorithm of the Google Assistant is influenced by many factors, but from all research that is done it shows the featured snippet is the easiest way to become the number 1 answer. Now you know the importance of the featured snippet, the next question is: how does your content become a featured snippet?

First I will answer the question: What is a featured snippet? a featured snippet is the box at the top of a search engine result page with an answer to the searcher’s question. That answer is pulled from the organic listings of Google’s first-page results, extracting the summary from the site’s content. Google cites the source by linking to that site and displaying the title of the page from which the information was pulled. Below the example of our own company, I typed the question in Dutch it translates ‘What is Prappers Media’

Becoming a featured snippet builds credibility, which is another important factor to rank high on Voice Search. Most featured snippets appear in question based queries. And most voice searches are being phrased in the form of a question, starting with one of the 6w’s; Why, When, Where, What, Who and hoW.
Try focusing on writing content for the kind of questions users ask in your industry and focus on Long-Tail Searches and Q&A’s. Long tail keywords bring in less traffic, but that traffic does generate very good converting users, especially if you give the exact answer the user is looking for.

So focus on answering the specific questions that people ask about your product, service or business.

Below 5 additional tips for your Voice Search Optimization Strategy:
#1 Speed – Speed is everything, with voice it is even more important as you are in conversation and people want a quick respons. Make sure your page loads fast and Google will do the magic.
#2 Length – Google loves to talk in short sentences, on average 29 words.
#3 HTTPS – also with voice a HTTPS domain is crucial, you won’t be found without.
#4 Page’s – don’t make separate pages for every voice search, but create pages with multiple content answers on it. On average Google extracts the voice search result out of page with 2300 words.
#5 Implicit invocation – develop your own Google Action and create within this action keywords as invocation to trigger organic voice search with implicit invocations.

Author: Joey Scheufler, founder and CEO Prappers Media.

Prappers Media is the most experienced voice marketing expert in The Netherlands, working for large clients around the globe. With our international knowledge we’re an expert in translating and localizing your voice app idea, so it fits every market. We create strategies to develop and/or market your Google Action or Alexa Skill.

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